Meditation. Serious fun. Major benefits. All free.

Namaste, and Welcome to Meditation Chicago!

In these difficult times, we need wisdom more than ever. Here is some encouragement from our good friend Acharya das.

We teach an ancient, timeless method of Mantra Meditation, which has been passed down through the ages by an unbroken line of fully-realized spiritual teachers. This easy, enjoyable practice will relieve stress and anxiety, help you to become more focused and grounded, and uncover your natural best qualities.

We are delighted to announce the Yoga Wisdom website, which features abundant video, audio, webinars and articles on Meditation, Kirtan and the wisdom of the ancient Yoga tradition. Enjoy!

Intro to Meditation classes:

Classes are given at several branches of the Chicago Public Library, and in Evanston. Our calendar will return when we are able to resume events.

Meditation is for everyone. All of our classes are given free of charge. This teaching is non-sectarian and there is no organization to join.

Classes in Vedic Philosophy:

Karma-Reincarnation-Identity (one-time class):
(prior attendance at Intro to Meditation class is required)
Who am I? What is my essential nature? Why am I in this world? What is this life for? How and why do my actions cause reactions? Where do I go after the death of this body? The answers to these questions are clearly given in the Vedas.

Bhagavad-gita (ongoing, Sunday afternoons):
This manual for spiritual living has answers to all of our important questions. The most essential and exhilarating learning one could wish for.
(prior attendance at Karma-Reincarnation-Identity class is required)

Meditation Music: New release of Mantra chanting with atmospheric music.

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Class and gathering updates, with words of wisdom from the great spiritual teachers.

In these difficult times, we need to hear timeless wisdom more than ever. Hear some encouraging words from our good friend & teacher Acharya das:

The flip side of believing oneself “great” is to endlessly demonize others. This insecurity is born of cowardice. #Humility requires #courage. To look within for faults requires courage. To achieve humanity, we must do this.

The desire to be (or be thought) “great” comes from arrogance only. The #wise, the truly #great souls, always warn against this narcissism. They advise #humility, #love, #compassion. Whom do you choose to believe?

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